Reporter looking for help for a story

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Reporter looking for help for a story

Postby cdillon » Tue Dec 08, 2020 10:41 am

My name is Lulu Miller and I am a reporter for the radio show, Radiolab—a popular documentary series on National Public Radio. I’m working on a story about a guy who had a really odd incident happen to him in Chicago, in the Ukranian village, in 1994 involving a break-in to his apartment—where nothing was taken but his property was damaged in a very specific and strange way.

It’s a complete longshot, but I am looking around to see if there is an officer and/or detective who may have worked that neighborhood in the 1990s (he lived at 937 N. Leavitt Ave), who would be up for being briefly interviewed over the phone about some of the details of the case – to see if they ever heard of anything similar. Or might be able to advise me how they would investigate the case, if it was them. The tone of this is, honestly, very light. It’s a surreal story that lacks a clear ending and we are turning to professionals to try and crack it.

I know this sounds a little odd, but Radiolab is a great (respected) show, and it would be so phenomenal to get some professional investigative input on this mystery. Please let me know if I can explain more about the incident or the show. I hope this finds you very well,

Thanks so much,


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